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Welcome to our blog! I can say without a doubt that those are four words neither my mom and I ever thought we would write. We have always felt like we best express our creativity visually, and are generally social media averse. So, a blog feels like venturing into all kinds of new territory!

These last three years since starting this business has been a roller coaster ride, and we are excited about having a platform to share a look behind the curtain (so to speak). Whether it be how we source things or the stories behind them, how we style and create layered spaces, or simply what we find inspiring, this blog will be an insight into how we work and what makes us tick. We hope this becomes a resource for you, just as much as it is an outlet for us to share more about our process.

By launching an e-commerce site along with this blog, we are excited to make our curated selection of furniture and home accessories available across the country. Just as we hope that every time you walk into our store you find something new and exciting, we plan on continuing that experience with the website. We will continue updating it with our ever increasing inventory of unique finds.

The Birdcage
Terry and Nadia

While my mom has been in the furniture business for the last three decades (you can read more about our journey here), the concept of this store is by far the most personal. It is a reflection of how we have always lived; mixing new and old, custom furniture and flea market finds, high and low to create something truly unique that speaks to its inhabitants. That is the experience we hope you have when you walk into our store, or now peruse it virtually.

I feel to truly understand us, we must start at the beginning. My mom and I have been inseparable since day one. Growing up she would always tell me that when they put me in her arms for the first time I looked up at her and winked. I can’t think of a more apt example of our relationship. Twenty nine years later, and we have only grown closer. We often complete each other’s sentences, show up to work in identical outfits, and can make each other laugh or cry harder than anyone else we know.

While we have technically only been business partners for the last couple of years, we have always been collaborators. Some of my earliest childhood memories are of exploring the souq together for unusual textiles, factory second clothes, antiques, and imports. She is the queen of digging and taught me how to ignore all the noise and see an item’s potential.

Thank you for stopping by, we truly appreciate it. We hope this provides a little insight into who we are, and we are looking forward to sharing so much more.

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