Set 4 Louis Rastetter Folding Chairs


Set four Solid Kumfort Folding chair by Louis Rastetter & Sons. The last patented date listed on marking is 1927, exact circa unknown, but most likely Art Deco Era. They are hand painted with Chinese men and lanterns in black, blue and gold. They also have a stripe that goes along the outside edge of the chair. They have a upholstered vinyl seat and metal cross bar supports. Extremely sturdy, and would add whimsy to any space.

Condition: Two seats have some tears in the vinyl (just the top vinyl layer is missing not the whole piece of fabric). There is some general ware to the chairs, appropriate to their 100 year old age.

In stock

Weight: 34.8 lb
Length: 14 in
Width: 17.5 in
Height: 33 in