Daniel Ricardo Teran Ceramics, Set 3


Set 3 dishes by the contemporary cermacist Daniel Ricardo Teran. Each piece has a lot of detail on both the fronts and the backs. The artist combines more sculptural carving techniques of creating different textures with the terra cotta, and illustrations in the glazes. The mug is titled “surf line” and are the measurements listed. The small plate/saucer is titled “food science” and the large plate “Raise” which is 8″.

Daniel received his BFA from the Kansas Art Institute and has completed residencies at Watershed Center for The Ceramic Arts in New Castle, ME, and The Armory Art Center in West Palm Beach, FL. He regularly gives workshops and teaches at several community art centers throughout Philadelphia and New Jersey. His work can be found at The Clay Studio, Schaller Gallery, Harvey Meadows Gallery, Red Star Studios, and Lill Street Art Center. Daniel has work in the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art and numerous private collections.

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Weight: 3 lb
Length: 6 in
Width: 4.5 in
Height: 4 in