Women’s Ceremony by Debra Young Nakamarra

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This is an original piece of contemporary Aboriginal art, which is part of a tradition that dates back fifty thousand years in Australia. The paintings are centered around their spiritual beliefs, and central to their life.  This piece is painted with acrylic on linen, and is accompanied by its certificate of authenticity. It can be displayed in either orientation.

Debra Young was born in 1964, in Pintupi county in Papunya, Northern Territory. As a daughter of the acclaimed artist, Walangkura Napanangka, Debra began painting in 1984 after learning her own Dreaming stories. Her artwork focuses on geographical features of the Western Desert, such as rockholes and cave sites of the Kintore area. These traditions are important Dreamings for many female Aboriginal artists as they form an integral part of their culture, which will be passed on to generations of women to come.

The concentric circles commonly seen in her paintings represent the important ceremonial sites for Debra and her ancestors and the connecting lines between the circles are the ancient traveling paths that lead to these sites. Debra’s style is consistent with her mother’s textural designs: heavy dot work and bold coloring as well as linear designs and circular patterns. These designs are captivating and culturally significant as well as having a sense of energy within the artworks.

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Weight: 1.6 lb
Length: 24 in
Width: 18 in
Height: 1 in