Pencil Yam Dreaming by Rosemary Petyarre


This is an original piece of contemporary Aboriginal art, which is part of a tradition that dates back fifty thousand years in Australia. The paintings are centered around their spiritual beliefs, and central to their life.  This piece is painted with acrylic on canvas, and is accompanied by its certificate of authenticity. It can be displayed in any orientation.

Born in the 1940’s Rosemary is one of a group of Anmatyerre women at the forefront of art movement in the Utopia area. Her style varies from the use of traditional iconography to the more contemporary styles of the region. Rosemary paints the bush pencil yam. She depicts the leaves or the flower of the pencil yam with delicate, slender brushstrokes. The seed of the yam are also represented in her paintings, usually as small, white dots scattered among the leaves. The artist honors the spirit of the yam plant through the Yam Dreaming in order to ensure that the yams continue to be plentiful so they can remain a staple food source.

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Weight: 1.6 lb
Length: 24 in
Width: 18 in
Height: 1 in