Mimis by Eddie Blitner Taiita


This is an original piece of contemporary Aboriginal art, which is part of a tradition that dates back fifty thousand years in Australia. The paintings are centered around their spiritual beliefs, and central to their life.  This piece is painted with acrylic on canvas, and is accompanied by its certificate of authenticity.

Eddie Blitner is a talented artist born in 1961 from the Roper River region. He primarily paints stories associated with his family and ancestors’ daily life. This piece depicts Mimi spirits. They are fairy-like beings that have extremely thin and elongated bodies, so thin that they break easily in strong winds. Mimi spirits often live in the crevices of rocks, avoiding the winds. They are said to have taught people how to hunt, prepare meat, and use fire.

Eddie’s style is immediately recognizable as Top End art. He paints in the typical X-Ray style, with cross-hatching  (traditionally known as Rarrking), and uses colors such as blacks, whites, and ochres which are representative of customary ochres. The detailed cross-hatching is his family’s sacred body paint designs that belong only within his family group. He has a whimsical style that successfully narrates daily life in Arnhem land.

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Weight: 3.1 lb
Length: 37.5 in
Width: 33 in
Height: 1 in