Emu Dreaming by Narelle Nakamarra Nelson

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This is an original piece of contemporary Aboriginal art, which is part of a tradition that dates back fifty thousand years in Australia. The paintings are centered around their spiritual beliefs, and central to their life.  This piece is painted with acrylic on canvas, and is accompanied by its certificate of authenticity. It can be displayed in either orientation.

In contemporary Warlpiri paintings traditional iconography is used to represent the Jukurrpa, associated sites, and other elements. Emus are usually represented by their ‘wirliya’ (footprints), arrow-like shapes that show them walking around ‘yakajirri’ (bush raisin). There is also a dance for Jukurrpa that is performed during initiation ceremonies.


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Weight: 1.6 lb
Length: 18 in
Width: 24 in
Height: 1 in