Ancestral Winds by Bundjalung Sean Delsignore

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This is an original piece of contemporary aboriginal art, which is part of a tradition that dates back fifty thousand years in Australia. The paintings are centered around their spiritual beliefs, and central to their life.  This piece is painted with acrylic on canvas, and is accompanied by its certificate of authenticity.

Sean is known as ‘Bundjalung Sean,’ he paints the land, people, and sacred sites related to his country. Sean was born in northern New South Wales on Cabbage Tree Island. He has been painting since the age of 15, when he was first inspired the Dreaming of his mother Yvonne. Sean’s mother is a highly respected elder of the Cabbage Tree community, she has passed down to Sean the language and laws of their community. Aside from art, Sean is also dedicated to teaching and land conservation.

Ancestral Winds is the story of Sean’s experience as a child sitting around a campfire with his family listening to stories from the old days. During this storytelling time, a soft wind began to stir the air and it was said that these winds carry their past ancestors; that these ancestors are here with them, looking after them. As a modern artist, Sean incorporates his personal life experiences in his paintings from stories that have been passed down from his elders. Ancestral Winds is a very spiritual story that links past family members to present family members.


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