It’s not everyday you get to help your family (who also happen to throw the best parties), design their dream kitchen worthy of their entertaining prowess. They’ve been our longest clients (I’m sure pre-dating me), and favorite collaborators. My Aunt is a maximalist, loves color, and is extremely trusting — a winning combination in our book!

They’ve lived in this house for almost thirty years, and have been wanting to gut the kitchen for a long time. Our goal was to create a timeless traditional space with unexpected modern touches that will stand up to the ware and tare of family life.


We started the project knowing we wanted to do light painted cabinets after having stained wood. We ended up picking a taupe and love that it is still neutral but warmer and more unexpected than white.  We wanted to bring in a cool tone to balance the orange sofa in the family room, and chose a handmade subway tile. For functionality we incorporated a second oven (which was on the top of their must-have list) and pantry along the other wall. We picked a durable Quartz with soft veining for the countertops.

One of the things they hated most about their old kitchen was having an appliance on the island. The fridge replaced a rarely used desk next to the pantry, making space for a range along the back wall. The bones of the kitchen stayed traditional, and accented with modern lighting and hardware.


This Mid-Century table and chairs took some hunting, and on paper not the style we would associate with this project at all. However, it just works and is a good reminder to always think outside the box. No space is truly complete without something old to ground it.

Most of the family room was designed five or six years ago, with the custom sofa and Persian rug being more recent additions. They knew they wanted a bold piece, and love warm tones. We balanced it out with a neutral rug and chairs. If you’ve ever been in the store you know we love a gallery wall! This one includes gifts, pieces made by a friend, which makes it all the more special. I love that it keeps growing and has almost taken over the entire wall. 

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